Field service management software is an intelligent and intuitive management system that aims to boost efficiency and productivity of field service teams. Here are top reasons you need this system.

1. Resource Optimization

Field service management software helps to optimize the assignment and routing of personnel. This can help your field personnel to do as many jobs in a day as possible. Dispatch optimization also minimizes drive time, reduces emissions, and has a direct impact on profitability.

2. Automation

The service management system also automates all activities that take place outside the four walls of your plant in a highly streamlined fashion. Its numerous capacities like planning, scheduling, and provision of the ability to adapt to changes enable businesses to avoid the frustration and cost of wasted time.

3. Coordination

The software makes it easy to coordinate the management of the entire field service life-cycle including dispatch to reporting and the invoicing process. With this tool, there can be standard workflows and controls. The solution can solve a lot of coordination-related concerns and cause revenue growth.

4. Efficiency

With field service management software, tasks can be sent to technicians’ mobile devices along with other vital pieces of information such as the most efficient route to the site, contractual commitments, contacts, and service history when they are dispatched to a job. It helps to ensure all processes deliver both timely and effective services.

Planners and managers can also be informed at all times of the current status of the tasks being performed by checking off the tasks on their mobile devices. Technicians can also use it to do many important things like recording service notes and quality information, capturing images, and saving test results.

5. Responsiveness

Having field service management solution puts businesses in a proactive state to changes. Situations in the field change rapidly and make static work plans to lose value as soon as they are generated. With field management software, your work plans don’t have to be affected negatively. It allows your schedulers and service teams to respond swiftly to dynamic circumstances and communicate with all the involved parties and address all any shortfalls without traveling from the site.

6. Flexibility

With modern field service management solutions, your customers are able to select the deployment model that meets the needs of their organizations. Unlike in the past when software was self-hosted on business premises, today companies can use cloud-based options to reduce or avoid their upfront capital expenditures. The software is also either device agnostic or device specific.

When a large number of your technicians are working in the field, you need efficient field management software to manage them and enable you to work closely with them. There’s no other better way to do this and increase the productivity of your field team.

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