The blind people can now navigate easily within the hospital’s facilities. In addition to the mobile navigation features, this technology comes with a voice assistance application. The hospitals can add another dimension to their healthcare services if they take advantage of this technology. The hospitals that use this technology can remain self-sustainable while ensuring the safety of the patients.

Wheelchair accessible routes
Navigation for people with disabilities can be quite hectic without this technology. The development of the wheelchair-accessible routes also aids in navigation from one part of a complex hospital to another. It is quite difficult for the patients with disabilities to navigate from the wards to the clinics, especially during an emergency. Including the wheelchair accessibility into the indoor navigation regimen is one of the sure ways to improve the healthcare services in the contemporary hospitals.

Indoor navigation can make a huge impact when it comes to the collaboration and teamwork of the caregivers and the movement of visitors and patients. This technology can help the visitors to find their way to the emergency areas. In the healthcare sector, this technology can help to:

• Reduce the workloads at the information desks
• Help the patients to arrive on time to their respective areas of treatment
• Identify the positions of the various staff members and equipment at all times

Shopping malls
With the indoor navigation technology in place, going to the shopping mall can be a great experience. There is a vast array of goods at the shelves, and finding these items in a short while can be a daunting task. This technology helps to locate these products by availing such information on the mobile phone. Even if you are shopping in a multistory mall, you will get the precise details in terms of specific floor and shelf number. In summary, this technology can make the shopping experience more enjoyable and rewarding since the customers will discover new possibilities that will improve their experience. Indoor navigation apps can improve your shopping experience and increase the revenues. In addition, the data can give plenty of information about the visitor flows into the building. Such information can help to heighten the security or enable the entrepreneurs to make better business decisions.

Besides displaying the locations of the various items in the supermarket, this technology can also guide the customers, with the help of arrows, to find them. The mall operators can ensure that their customers are happy. The happy customers will not only stay longer, but they will also come back often. Customers love such value-added services that guarantee convenience while improving the overall shopping experience. As such, a mall that invests in this technology can increase its revenue by expanding its customer base.

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