Resources For Better, Smarter And More Accurate Navigation System

Internet of Things (IoT) has created a revolution in the world of smart devices. The way people interact with various smart devices on the go as well as while being at home have transformed this sector rapidly with the need to have a better, smarter and more accurate navigation system becoming ever more important for a variety of purposes. Be it locating a particular device within a building or to monitor movements within a closed space, indoor navigation and positioning system plays important role in many technological advancement. We provide you with the latest developments in the world of indoor positioning system and navigation control.

Eyes within the walls

Even though GPS or global positioning system works fine outside with the help of advanced satellite communication, it fails when it comes to indoor positioning system. We formed the best indoor positioning system to counter this issue and to ensure perfect location even while operating indoors. Whether it is a single storied building or a multi-storied complex, the indoor positioning system is precise and accurate and provides every variable involved in the feedback including all the three axis.

Smarter navigation for better technology

Indoor navigation has far reaching usages. While the general and most popularly known usage if in maps, it is not the main usage of the system. We bring to you indoor positioning system that can seamlessly integrates with security systems to provide better monitoring within a building. Indoor positioning system also plays a key role in development of indoor navigation system even in areas with low visibility or obstructed visibility. This greatly helps in the further development of robotics and easy navigation within buildings where the external signal reception can be really weak or close to none.

Diverse technology diverse usage

Indoor navigation system has been developed using a variety of technologies and each one has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. WiFi signals, Bluetooth, radio signals, acoustic and magnetic fields are all used to develop a variety of strategies to build different types of indoor navigation system. Use of advanced technology like Tango 3D from Google allows the indoor positioning system to act as a vision positioning system with the help of cameras attached to android devices to create a complete 3D map of the interior area and pinpoint location based on the image captured by the camera of any device. This transformed into a great technology that can allow users to locate products in large shopping malls with ease.

Complete Indoor Positioning System Solution

We offer complete solution for all indoor navigation and positioning system that can be integrated and further enhanced to serve better and greater purposes. Indoor positioning system is the best substitute to GPS where satellite signal is impossible to reach. With increasing use of various location-based applications and systems, indoor positioning system has become integral part of application and software development. Since GPS is not the best option indoors, indoor positioning system is the best way ahead.