Field service management software is a software that helps organize a company with employees who are working out of the office, or, in the field. This software has a huge number of very useful features which help keep the company and its employees well organized and in communication with one another.

1. Creating work orders

With a field service management software, customer requests or cases can easily be transferred into work orders. This is an important part of keeping processes organized and making sure that all cases get solved in a timely fashion.

It is also important that employees use this function for every case. Consistently creating work orders, and handling each case in the same fashion, no matter how important, unimportant, big, or small it may be, is a crucial part of using a field service management software efficiently.

2. Keeping track of field employee work

Not only can the field service management software provide instruction and direction to the field employees, it can also keep track of what they are doing and what work they accomplish. Because the field service management software would be the main platform or database where all information is inserted, the employees will be keeping track of their work by entering and updating all information about the jobs they are in charge of.

The field service management software also provides a communication platform which employees in the field and in the office can use to keep in touch better and facilitate the flow of service.

3. Knowing where employees are

Field service management software also offers location tracking for field employees. This helps employers know where all their staff are at any given time. It also helps to assure employers that their employees are staying on track throughout the day. It aids in understanding time management in the field, and to analyze where their services are taking them on a daily basis.

4. Time tracking

Field service management software also often provides a space for field employees to enter in information on their time management or enter in logs of their work throughout the day. This is another way that field service management software helps to streamline processes and keep employees organized and efficient.

5. Communicating with clients

This software can also be programmed to send reminders and information to clients via text message or e-mail. This can help remind clients of upcoming appointments, or to let them know when the field employees will be arriving.

6. GPS capabilities

Field service management software also generally offers GPS capabilities which provides field employees with directions to wherever they are going, as well as optimizes their routes from place to place. This saves time, as employees are using the fastest routes to each job, and it saves resources like gas and extra wear-and-tear on company vehicles.

This also improves customer service – if employees are getting to clients faster, wait times will be lower on services, and more customers will be served.

7. Invoicing facilities

Field employees can input working hours directly into the field service management software which can then be transferred directly to an invoice. This eliminates some element of human error and speeds up the invoicing process.

Many of these programs can also process credit card payments to pay the invoices created, keeping the entirety of the transaction centralized to one program, and ensuring that the process is quick and simple for both the field employees and the clients.

Field service management software comes with different features which change depending on which software it is and how much the user pays. The more the user pays, the more features they can add on or the more users they can include.

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